Do Las Vegas Residents Need Pest Control Service

Intrusion Pest Control recommends Las Vegas residents maintain regular Pest Control Service. I get the question all the time. Do I really need pest control service? I never see any bugs. My answer to that is YES. Las Vegas is home to several pests. This time of year, pest control service is helpful in controlling American and Oriental cockroaches. Also, black widows are very prominent as well as box elder bugs. Intrusion Pest Control provides a Pest Control Service plan for all the above mentioned pests.

So, why do Las Vegas residents think they don’t need Pest Control Service? A lot of residents in Las Vegas are a transplant from somewhere else. Different locations across the country have different types of pests, some more prominently noticed than others. When new residents move to Las Vegas they are unaware of the pest issues that occur in our very hot summer months. Pest Control Service is recommended on a year round basis. Because Las Vegas doesn’t have extremely cold temperatures, there are always some pests that are active. In the early months of the year, ants make their presence known in our homes kitchens and bathrooms. During February and March, pigeons start mating and their activity increases significantly. From April through October, cockroaches are extremely active outside of your home and if you do not have a Pest Control service, they will be inside as well. October starts an increase in spiders including black widows. Also in October and continuing through November, December and January are rodents, mice and roof rats.

Throughout the year, there is always pest activity. Whether its cockroaches, crickets, box elder bugs, black widow spiders, mice or roof rats, All Las Vegas residents need a Pest Control Service. Remember, just because you don’t see cockroaches in the winter time doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Intrusion Pest Control provides Pest Control Service to Las Vegas area including Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Anthem and Aliante. Call Intrusion Pest Control today for a FREE Pest Control Service quote. We look forward to your call. 702-280-4549

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