Scorpion Control

The scorpion is a dangerous arachnid that necessitates an adequate scorpion control program. These creatures can sting people and cause involuntary muscle movements, vomiting or breathing problems. One aggressive local species is known as the desert hairy scorpion. This arachnid stings painfully but usually doesn’t produce long-term medical consequences. On the other hand, the bark scorpion’s highly venomous sting can bring about serious health effects and even death. Young infants and elderly are most susceptible to the serious effects of the venom.

Complete scorpion control are can be difficult to achieve in the Las Vegas Valley area. Fortunately, Intrusion Pest Control has a solution to battle these venomous creatures. The service covers all general pests which include cockroaches, crickets, spider, ants, earwigs, to name a few and scorpions. If do not have a scorpion problem, check out our residential pest service program.

Scorpion control service includes:
• Monthly service treatment
• Mixture of liquid products and granules
• Black light treatments(2 per year)

If you have a scorpion problem in your home, don’t wait. Get your service scheduled today!! 702-280-4549

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