Commercial Pest Control

It’s known that 90% of pests that inhabit the interior of a facility originate from the exterior which is why commercial pest control is so important. Combining a precise, thorough application of pest management material to the exterior of your place of business and landscape while utilizing the IPC Guarantee, the need for applications to the interior are minimized and in most cases, unnecessary.

Our specially trained technicians seal those typical entry points that insects use to get into your facility. These areas are the doors, windows, and plumbing protrusions. During regular service calls, this allows the technician to concentrate their efforts toward the exterior of your premises. Call Intrusion Pest Control today! 702-280-4549



Apartments house a multitude of families. Pest threat is always at a high level. Apartment communities can have an abundance of cockroaches, crickets, spiders, bees and pigeons to name a few.

Intrusion Pest Control can help protect your home and community from all these pests. Intrusion Pest Control will design a plan to fit your communities’ needs. Call Intrusion Pest Control today! 702-280-4549





Restaurants pose a continuous threat of pests. Because restaurants are a fast paced environment, management may not notice a pest threat and customers expect a clean and healthy pest free establishment to enjoy a favorite meal.

Intrusion Pest Control will thoroughly inspect your restaurant and put together a pest control plan. The plan can consist of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service and will include rodent control. Call Intrusion Pest Control today! 702-280-4549

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