Protect Your Family’s Health From Pests

Household pests don’t only make a mess and annoy you. They can also cause serious health problems for your children and other family members, including asthma and allergic reactions. Unfortunately, southern Nevada is home to many harmful pests. Minimal moisture limits termite and mosquito populations. However, infestations of ants, rodents, spiders, cockroaches and scorpions are common.

Nevada residents frequently call pest control companies for help with cockroach removal. These large bugs come in several different varieties that originated in Australia, North America, Europe and Asia. Cockroaches sometimes bite small children, and they are a top cause of asthma in the United States. These insects also poison food and kitchen surfaces with harmful bacteria.

One dangerous spider remains prevalent in southern Nevada. The black widow’s painful bite may cause a person to vomit, experience cramps or develop a fever. These spiders can also inflict severe pain and several other symptoms. Victims may not fully recover for days. With professional pest control Henderson families can avoid these risks.

The medical dangers posed by ants are relatively mild. Nonetheless, they can deliver unpleasant bites and stings. Some individuals experience allergic reactions when fire ants sting them. Like other bugs that consume human foods, ants may contaminate meals and preparation surfaces. They reproduce very quickly, so an effective pest control program is essential.

Various types of rats and mice also jeopardize the health of families in southern Nevada. People may become infected with deadly viruses if they touch rodents, feces or contaminated surfaces. The consequences can be very serious, especially when mice find their way into kitchen cabinets and drawers. They spread hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, various parasites and germs that cause food poisoning.

Rodents create electrical safety hazards as well. Their sharp teeth can remove the insulation from wires in the walls or on the floor. The bare wire may electrocute a mouse or come in contact with flammable materials, potentially starting a fire. With the help of effective pest control Las Vegas residents can prevent life-threatening fires and keep rodent-borne diseases out of their homes.

Some types of bees are prevalent in southern Nevada. The Africanized honeybee is particularly aggressive. It can follow victims up to 1,300 feet and sting them repeatedly. The stings may cause a range of medical problems, including allergic reactions and even death. Through the use of efficient outdoor pest control Henderson residents may minimize these dangers.

The scorpion is a dangerous arachnid that necessitates an adequate pest control program. These creatures can sting people and cause involuntary muscle movements, vomiting or breathing problems. One aggressive local species is known as the desert hairy scorpion. This arachnid stings painfully but usually doesn’t produce long-term medical consequences. On the other hand, the bark scorpion’s highly venomous sting can bring about serious health effects and even death.

With so many hazardous insect and rodent species active in the region, people in southern Nevada need professional pest control to stay safe. Experts work to efficiently eliminate unwanted guests and help customers take steps to ensure that they don’t return. Thanks to effective pest control Las Vegas families can remain healthy and gain peace of mind. Get protected today. Get Intrusion Pest Control. 702-280-4549

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