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If you live in Las Vegas or Henderson, there are many animals that like to turn your home into their own. A cockroach, mice, rats, pigeons, crickets, black widows, ants and many other pests are frequently guilty of this. If you have a serious pest infestation in your house, you may be tempted to try to solve the problem yourself and save the cost of hiring a professional pest control company. Many people mistakenly believe that eradicating pests from a home is a simple job that anyone can do. However, this is not the case. There is a reason why an exterminator needs to be licensed. This is because the job of a pest control company requires a certain level of skill and training in order for it to be done safely and effectively. In case you need further proof, let’s compare doing this job yourself versus hiring a professional.

Doing it Yourself

If you decide to try to save some money and not hire a pest control company and exterminate the pests in your home by yourself, the first problem you will encounter is the danger of the product you are using. Since you are not a professional, you will not fully understand how, when and where to apply it. When the product is finished being used, there is a proper way that it will need to be disposed of. Once again, these proper disposal methods will be unknown to you because you don’t deal with this kind of thing every day like a pro does. Regular consumers typically do not use safety measures that are needed to ensure that people living in the home are not harmed by the product.

Hiring a Pest Control Company

A professional pest control company is a protector of public health and safety. People in this field are required to be regulated by the Nevada Department of Agriculture. In order for their pest control license to be renewed, they must receive continuing education on an annual basis. They understand how all of their products should be used. A professional will ensure that the products they choose to eliminate the pests with are applied in a safe manner. After it has been used, a professional will also dispose of the product in a way that is safe for both you and the environment.

If you would like to see if a specific company is licensed to perform pest control in Nevada, you can visit the Nevada Department of Agriculture’s website at:

If a cockroach, mice, rats, pigeons, crickets, black widows, ants or any other pests are making your life miserable and you live in the Henderson or Las Vegas areas, do yourself a favor and let a pro handle your pest problem. This is not the type of job you should try to tackle yourself. It’s not a simple task like changing the oil in your car. If you attempt pest removal or extermination on your own, you could potentially make your home an unsafe environment for you and your family to live in. Call a professional pest control company today for a free estimate. Call Intrusion Pest Control. 702-280-4549 or contact us

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