Hiring a Pest Control Company?

It’s that time of year in Las Vegas where homeowners begin looking for pest control professionals to resolve their pest problems. Whether the homeowner is having problems with ants, crickets, cockroaches or spiders, a good pest control company can resolve all your issues and provide a full warranty on services.

When looking to hire a pest control company, first thing to look for is is the pest control company holding the appropriate pest control license. In Nevada, you can validate if a company is licensed on the Nevada department of agriculture website. If you do not see the company you are interested in hiring here, you might want to think twice as they aren’t not a licensed company. Nevada requirements require a pest control company to get licensed and/or renew their pest control license to already have purchased or renewed their insurance. So, you can assume the pest control company is insured but its always good to ask.

Does the pest control company you’re looking to hire have a professional looking and clean service vehicle? If not, you might want to rethink your decision. A good company will want to maintain a good clean image while rendering a superior pest control service to its clients. When I say a professional looking service vehicle, I mean does the vehicles have its company name displayed on it? Is the pest control companies’ license number, at least two inches in height, displayed on the vehicle? These are all requirements by the state of Nevada department of agriculture. If the company you are looking to hire has none of these, buyer beware.

Do the technicians wear company uniforms displaying the pest control companies name and the name of the technician? Now, this is not a requirement by the state but a quality pest control company will have all technicians wearing a company uniform. Would you like the new company you just hired to come to your home dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, ring your door bell, you answer and have no idea that this is the company you just hired? Or, if they show up in shorts and a t-shirt, they are breaking many laws required by the label of the products they use. A company uniform not only shows professionalism, but shows the pest control company cares about their image and the safety of their employees. Does the company you want to hire do pre-employment background checks and drug screening? After all, these pest control technicians will be entering your home and/or property.

Is the company you are considering hiring asking you to sign a service agreement for their services? Are you hesitant to sign it? Let me tell you why it is a good idea to hire a pest control company that requires a service agreement. A company that requires an agreement to be signed is telling you exactly what they are going to do to your property to control your pest issues. They are sharing a high level of responsibility when using certain products, some more dangerous than others. They are putting on paper in writing that they agree to provide a pest control service to your property and you acknowledge that you give the pest control company permission to access your property. Signing an agreement is a very good thing especially if there is an incident in your home or on your property. The pest control company cannot hide and say they do not service your home. You will have a copy of the agreement as well. Now, if you go with a company that does not require a service agreement, what level of responsibility are they taking? Many pest control companies use “No Contracts” as a selling point. To me that means I’m not telling what I am doing on your property and if there is any problem I have no liability because I NEVER agreed to provide you any service. Are you willing to take that chance?

These suggestions for hiring a pest company are what I would look for. There are some good pest control companies in Las Vegas but do your research. Get a referral and check on reviews of that company. Make sure they are licensed, have company uniforms and show up in professional service vehicles. Don’t shy away from a service agreement and don’t always go for the cheapest price, as with anything else, you get what you pay for.

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