Pest Protection: Preparing Your Yard For Spring

Spring is a wonderful time of year in Henderson and Las Vegas. The cold temperatures make way for sunny and warm weather. However, this nice weather comes at a bit of a price. This is because many pests also make their return to your yard and home along with the warmer temperatures. If you do not take some proactive measures to prepare yourself for the return of these pests, do not be surprised if you are saying hello to a scorpion, a cockroach, black widows, crickets and many other unwanted guests in your home for many months to come. Let’s take a look at the things you need to do in order to prevent these pests from entering your home:

Weed control

Insects that can’t fly will most likely gain entry into your house through your yard. This makes your yard the frontline in the battle against insect pests. Neglecting your lawn does much more than make your yard look bad. For example, it is imperative that you pull every weed that you see as soon as it springs up through the ground. This is because the roots of weeds are a food source for a destructive insect called a false chinch bug. The more weeds you have in your yard, the more of these guys that you will attract. When false chinch bugs are in large numbers, they are able to cause significant damage to any vegetation in the area. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they also release a foul odor.

Trim your trees and bushes
If you let all of your trees and bushes grow into a jungle around your house, it only stands to reason that various creatures will start to make their home and thrive in these areas. Eventually, the creatures that are inhabiting these places will make their way into a cozier environment: your home. Many people focus on trimming the sides of trees and bushes that face outward because this is what people will see, not realizing that the entire tree or bush should be trimmed. If they are pushing up against a house and making direct contact with it, the branches will act as a bridge or ladder, giving insects easy access to windows and other entry points. Therefore, trim your trees and bushes in such a way that they make no contact whatsoever with your house.

Cutting your grass
The taller your grass is, the more inviting it becomes as a living environment for various insects. This is not to say insects can’t live in short grass. However, by cutting your grass once or twice a week, you will be dramatically limiting the amount of pests that you will have to deal with as the warm weather approaches.

Pest Control

You may find yourself in a situation where a cockroach, a scorpion, black widows crickets or other pests have already infiltrated your home. In this case, you will need to call a licensed exterminator. All of your pest control issues in Henderson and Las Vegas can be dealt with by Intrusion Pest Control. Call Now. 702-280-4549 or contact us

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