OUCH! What was that?!

OUCH! What was that?!

Getting stung or bitten by an insect is never pleasant. Sometimes all you feel is the instant OUCH, and before you know it the insect is gone never letting you know what got you. Have you ever felt the sting of a twig ant? Have you heard of a twig ant?

The twig ant is mean. It’s unlike other ants because they prefer to work alone. Thy have a bad temper, a body a half an inch long and beady red eyes to match their bodies. They almost look like a wasp who lost its wings. They like to hang out in trees and they usually will feed on smaller insects. Because they hide out in trees they can drop down at any time appearing to fall out of the sky. These ants are also different because they don’t bite. They sting. They have a vicious sting that will make your neighbors think a sailor has moved in next door. At first the sting site will hurt and itch, then the welt will appear.

They hang out in trees so finding their nests can be next to impossible. The only real way to get rid of them is by preventing them from taking over your yard to begin with. However, if you do notice one of these ants, make sure you call your local pest control company to come up with a removal strategy.

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