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Gift Fairy NO MORE!

The gift fairy had been stopping by an Iowa woman’s home leaving random gifts for her. First a no parking sign, a pink flamingo, and a few other gifts that were just silly. Then one day she opened her door to find a beautiful pink antique bowling ball laser engraved with her name on it.

She did what we all would do, she stuck her fingers in the bowling balls’ holes and felt something moving, she screamed and dropped the ball as soon as she noticed it was a black widow spider that actually jumped at her as a defense. The black widow was protecting her egg sack, also in the bowling ball hole.

The woman’s neighbor had been the one leaving her gifts and meant absolutely no harm. She found the bowling ball at an antique store. She had put away the bowling ball and forgotten about it until her husband decided to do a garage clean out. That’s when she realized it was inscribed with her neighbor’s name. It just made sense to take it to her neighbor.

Upon further inspection it turns out it was no black widow at all. Instead it was a false widow, commonly confused with the black widow.

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