German Cockroaches in Las Vegas

Many Las Vegas warehouses, restaurants, homes and multi unit apartment buildings may be harboring large populations of German Cockroaches leading to huge pest control issues. German cockroaches are the fastest reproducing cockroach. Each egg capsule can contain 20-40 eggs. The reproductive period is 17-28 days. Within a month you could have hundreds of German cockroaches and within several months you could have thousands. They are not like your typical American or Oriental cockroach. This cockroach lives indoors and feeds off of the unusual. They will live in the motor components of the refrigerator, the oven or the dishwasher. They will inhabit your microwave, your answering machine or your telephone. German Cockroaches will feed off the rust of hinges of your cabinets or the oily residues of the motor components. German Cockroaches are a major health concern.

I received a phone call the other day. A woman, we will call her Melanie, speaking frantically on the phone talks about a bug issue she has. Melanie lives in one unit of a four unit apartment building in Las Vegas that she moved into two months ago. She noticed a few cockroaches running around her kitchen counter. She didn’t think much of it. She contacted her landlord and made them aware of the pest control issue. The landlord contacted a pest control company to take care of the issue. The pest control company came out, sprayed a little outside the house, applied a little baiting inside the kitchen area and that was it. Melanie said the pest control company was at her apartment for about 10 minutes. This was 2 months ago. Remember back to the beginning of this story. How many German Cockroaches might she have now 2 months later? And how long were these cockroaches in her unit before she moved in? The pest control company which was called out, did not take care of the job. Now the resident is living with thousands of German cockroaches and no end in sight.

I am talking with Melanie on a daily basis. The current obstacle Melanie is trying to overcome is dealing with the owner of the multi unit apartment building. I am setting up an inspection of the unit with Melanie and trying to set up a phone conversation or meeting with the homeowner.

Intrusion Pest Control prides itself on using the most up to date methods for pest control. Intrusion Pest Control would not have handled this situation this way. We would have first done a proper inspection, which would take longer than 10 minutes, identified the pest we are dealing with and implemented a plan to action to remove the German Cockroaches.

If you think you may have German Cockroaches or would like an estimate for pest control, call Intrusion Pest Control right now. We look forward to your call. 702-280-4549

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