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Scorpions Invade Las Vegas Homes

All scorpion species possess venom. They use their venom to kill or paralyze their prey so that it can be eaten; in general it is fast acting, allowing for effective prey capture. Scorpions vary between species, but most measure about 2 inches fully grown. They can vary widely between yellow,...
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Scorpion: Bark vs Desert Hairy

A large amount of people who live in desert areas have a fear of scorpions. Most people have grown up hearing about the severe pain that is caused by a scorpion’s sting. Everyone has heard stories of people putting on their shoes or boots only to get stung by a...
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Protect Your Family’s Health From Pests

Household pests don’t only make a mess and annoy you. They can also cause serious health problems for your children and other family members, including asthma and allergic reactions. Unfortunately, southern Nevada is home to many harmful pests. Minimal moisture limits termite and mosquito populations. However, infestations of ants, rodents,...
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