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Can I scare away the spiders?

As the weather turns cooler, spiders will be looking at your home as a wonderful winter hotel to keep them warm, safe and fed during the cold months. Of course, this is one guest who simply is not welcome. So how do you keep them out in the first place?

The first tip is turn off your exterior light when it isn’t needed. Spiders are attracted to the insects that you always find around the light source. By simply turning off the light, you are less likely to attract the food buffet that siders come around for. Also, you can make sure to inspect your house for cracks and leaks. Seal any cracks with caulk or silicone to prevent spiders and other insects from invading. You can also use the same sealing process around faucets and cables and other holes that may lead to exterior sources. Make sure all door jams are tight and all widows seal correctly with their screens. Eliminating the entry point is really the only way to eliminate the possibility of spiders finding their way in.

If you think you have a spider issue, make sure to call your local pest control company to determine what the best plan of action is for your specific situation.

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