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Scorpions Invade Las Vegas Homes

All scorpion species possess venom. They use their venom to kill or paralyze their prey so that it can be eaten; in general it is fast acting, allowing for effective prey capture. Scorpions vary between species, but most measure about 2 inches fully grown. They can vary widely between yellow,...
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Mercy for Beneficial Insects

Mercy for Beneficial Insects While the recent insect boom has most people immediately wanting to whip out the insecticide and go Rambo on these guys, it is important to remember that not all insects are bad. Many actually help to control and get rid of the harmful insects. Destroying these...
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Smallest Fly Loves Eating Ant Brains

Smallest Fly Loves Eating Ant Brains The smallest known species of fly (smaller than a grain of salt) was recently discovered in Thailand. But its’ miniscule size is not the only interesting fact about it. Some of its eating habits are downright morbid. The female of the parasitic species appears...
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Invincible Ants

Invincible Ants What do you get when you combine super strength, a vibrantly colored costume, powerful chemical weapons, indestructible body armor, lightning speed, and supersonic screaming powers? One badass bug. This might sound like a new comic book superhero created by Marvel, but it is in fact the amazing female...
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Wasps Control Spider Zombies

Wasps Control Spider Zombies Wasp attacks orb-weaving spider. Wasp makes spider her zombie slave. Zombie spider carefully nests wasp eggs until they hatch into baby wasp. Baby wasp eats now useless zombie spider slave. Is this for real? You bet it is. In Japan, scientists have found that the R....
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