Ants In Your Kitchen

At different times of the year in Las Vegas, you might encounter ants invading your kitchen and possibly your bathrooms. Ants rely strongly on their sense of smell. They are attracted to sweets, sugars and fruit substances. Your kitchen is full of all these things as well as your bathrooms.

On Valentines day, your house will be filled with chocolate and fruit and any other wonderful sweet treat your loved one will give you. Along with these wonderful sweets could come an additional surprise you were not expecting….Ants.

What can you do to help prevent ants from enjoying the sweet treats your loved one has given you? For starters, never leave any chocolate or fruits open on the counter. It takes only a short time for ants to pick up the smell and find a way inside your home. Never leave anything out overnight. Put chocolate and fruits in the refrigerator. Pick up any crumbs or fruit juices left behind.

A safe way to clean up fruits and chocolate on your counter top is to use windex, or any type of glass cleaner, or soap and water. Both these products are safe to use on your counter top.

If you have already been taken over by ants, NEVER use any type of raid or pest defense products on your counter top. There are no chemicals that are legal and safe to use on counter top or food preparation area. Now I know this sounds like common sense, but I’m sure at one time or another you have “sprayed” some chemicals on your counters to eliminate ants. Use products that are safe and disinfect the area with ants. If you treat these areas the ants have taken over and kill the ants that are there, this will not be a permanent solution to your ant problem. Remember, ants keen on their sense of smell. Unfortunately, there are no “over the counter” products you can buy to get rid of ants from the source. It requires an odorless product that only a pest management professional will have access to.

So before you “spray” Raid ant killer on any surface, ask yourself if you are trained properly to handle such a chemical and if you know precisely the proper areas to apply such chemicals in a safe enough manner to not harm your family or pets. Call a professional today to help with all your ant and pest needs.

Happy Valentines Day!

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