Ants Invade Las Vegas Homes in Spring

As soon as the weather warms up in the spring, ants begin to get active. Ones that live in underground nests will get active after the ground warms up. That is usually a few weeks later than when the air temperature is warm enough for other types to show themselves. As they go out looking for food to replenish the depleted stores in their nests, it is common for them to invade homes and businesses.

Residential and Commercial Structures are Targets of Ants

Though the ant has been used in literature to describe the benefits of hard work and perseverance, they are still pests when they invade homes. Homes of the affluent are affected the same as homes of those with lesser means. Every home has food on the list of things an ant would like to eat, making them prime targets for infestation. It is also quite common for commercial buildings to be infested since they are often not as tightly sealed as residential structures against pest infestations.

Typical Ant Species That Infest Homes and Businesses

Tapinoma sessile is more commonly known as the odorous house ant. If they are killed by crushing them, they smell like rotten coconuts. They eat a wide variety of foods, and homes, restaurants, lunchrooms and any other indoor location that offers a food source attracts them. The odorous house ant will move nests closer to the food source making them even more difficult for home and business owners to eradicate them without professional help.

Tetramorium caespitum is the pavement ant. It normally sets up housekeeping in the cracks of sidewalks, but they do move indoors too. Little mounds appearing at sidewalk cracks are the usual sign of their presence even if none are actually are seen. Underneath the sidewalk slab there may be thousands of them. They will fight other colonies in close proximity. The actual nests of the pavement ant are difficult to find, making them another type that a professional should be called upon to get rid of.

The genus Camponotus are more commonly known as the carpenter ant. They typically prefer dead trees that are moist for making nests. They will also damage wood used in the construction of buildings. They do not eat the wood like termites. Instead, they hollow out sections for nest building. If they are hollowing out a section of a large tree, it can compromise its structural integrity, causing it to fall during a wind storm. The carpenter ant is larger than pavement ants or odorous house ants, reaching almost an inch in length. Their nesting habits make it very difficult for home and business owners to find and completely eradicate nests.

The sheer numbers of these pests make it difficult for home and business owners to control infestations using sprays, baits and other measures one may find available in stores. Professional exterminators are trained to recognize the exact species causing the infestation, and they have professional tools at their disposal to safely remove the invaders. Also, proper application of products used to treat homes and businesses is crucial to protect people and pets. Mistakes such as treating counter tops where food is prepared or other errors in using baits and sprays are common and should be avoided.

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