About Us

Hi, my name is Rob. Let me tell you a little about us.  I am the owner of Intrusion Pest Control. In 2002 I started working for a pest control company after losing my job due to the events of 9-11. I worked with a couple friends of mine I have known for many years. After 4 years of working for the company, my two friends and I bought the company, taking my first step in living part of the American dream, owning a business. After running the pest control company for a year and a half, we split the company into 3 individual companies.

As I was searching for a name for my company, I had a vision of a logo of a cockroach standing up, because all people think cockroaches are disgusting…and they are. Through several designs, a cockroach standing next to a trash can was created. After the first year of business, I decided to change out the trash can for a house and the logo is what you still see today. Now the name, Intrusion Pest Control. I was always hearing people say; “I hate those little buggers, those little intruders”. From that I came up with Intrusion Pest Control. Originally I had a caption above the cockroach logo that said; “Keep the Intruders Out”. But the caption was dropped from the final cockroach design. Even today I get comments on the cockroach and second looks from kids and adults as my trucks go driving down the highway.

We appreciate all of our customers and can’t say thank you enough to everyone. If you’d like to join our pest control family, we’d love to have you. Call us today to get started. Thank you so much. 702-280-4549